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I consider outsourcing to be the best solution for various tasks when it is not advantageous to hire a special person to develop or to create some internet or intranet project. In most cases it is much cheaper to hire a professional to do part-time remote assistance, it proves good as internet wipes off the distances and there is no difference whether your partner is sitting in the office next street or he is living in a different country.

If you really need to improve your web project or to create it from the very beginning or you have some other web-work to do - then I can help you. I won't enumerate all of my skills - it is useless, I think - and will say only that most of all I like to work with PHP+Mysql with some addition of Javascript as this is what I do best, and consider to be the best solution for a web-based project.

I won't call myself a "company" as I am used to work as a freelancer. I've participated in a lot of projects as a problem originator, consultant, system administrator, web-developer, programmer etc. and I can participate in your project too - in case you need it. You doubt if I could be of any help to you problem? - just ask me - consultations are free of charge.

As I'm not a company, I introduce no hourly rates at all - every single case is treated separately and the price is set for the whole work. I think this to be honest, as my customers are from different countries and have no chance to control how much time is spend on the project. If you need to learn more about me and my experience - simply ask me, I'll try to answer as soon as possible, as this is my credo - react quickly.

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