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Document Generator [RTF PDF] 1.1

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When using the on-line demo of Document Generator you'll be able to test all the features of the script, the only limitation is that you wouldn't be able to insert images greater than 30kb. This was done to lessen the load on server and the distribution version of the script does not have this limitation.

Warning! #1 This script is usig templates based on XML rules, if the provided template does not comply to the rules - ean error will be returned. The full set of rules is given on the online documentation. This script is NOT a HTML to RTF converter.

Warning! #2 PDF driver is in beta state now, be sure to consult the list of known issues, as not all the features listed in the documentation are supported yet.

Warning! #3 Please, keep in mind that if you will enter some unicode characters into the input field, it will be up to browser how to send the text to the server - most of the browsers encode special characters *before* sending it to the script, making this test unreliable.

On-line demo

In this online demo a sample XML template XML template is used - you can download this template and examine it by yourself - it will give you more understanding.

Select format of the output file:
RTF    |     PDF

Enter your text, marked according to the rules of the script markup language or use the example given ...

Additional information

To generate correct document you should read the given rules carefully. Tags, which are not supported by Generator will be removed from the text.

Generator doesn't aim at producing RTF or PDF from any XML file - that's why using tags which are not supported by Generator can lead to script errors or unpredictable behaviour.

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