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Document Generator [RTF PDF] 1.1

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How to order

This is a commercial script and can not be distributed freely. For the prices, please, see below.

Special Pricing

Document Generator Class supports generation of RTF and PDF files, but PDF driver is in beta state now, be sure to consult the list of known issues before purchasing it. It is possible to buy either both drivers, or only one of them - RTF or PDF. Those customers who will buy one driver, will have the discount for the orher.

Document Gnerator Class is not a new version of RTF Generator Class - this is a standalone script, but customers who bought RTF Generator Class between March 1st & June 26th 2007 - can receive this new script for free. Customers who bought RTF Generator earlier (or later) - have special discount price $15 USD. If you are a licensed customer of RTF Generator and want to upgrade you will need to pay $15 USD and provide the proof of purchase of RTF Generator.

Place an order

You can pay on-line by credit card using secure connection provided by Your order will be processed for security reasons by the billing system - in general it can take up to 24 hours. I'm sorry for this possible delay, but this is because of the new fraud detection system that was recently introduced. As soon as you order will be confirmed - I will send the software to your e-mail address, specified during the payment process.
IMPORTANT! - make sure that you have provided and correctly spelled your e-mail address, otherwise I will not be able to contact you. Also, it is always good to notify me by e-mail or using my feedback form about the transfer.

Price calculation

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Goods and services provided by
Vadim Kiparenko (Paggard) (Russian Federation).
Sold by Inc. (Ohio, USA).

I'll contact you as soon as the payment will be verified by the billing system, and send the script by mail, specified in the payment details.

If you will have any questions - just write a letter to me, I'll answer as soon as possible, in most cases it means "immediately", you should only mind that I have to sleep from time to time (the time on my watch: 21:05).

If this payment method is not suitable for you, or you do not have the ability to pay by credit card - contact me directly for transfer details. I will help you to proceed with payment.

License agreement

If you buy Document Generator Class you can use it as you like it and anywhere you will need it. You can do what ever you want with it except selling the script. If you're going to include my script into some commercial project for selling, you should include the script price into the budget and every of your customer should together with your software buy the license for my script. It is also possible to buy a distribution license for the script. If you have other plans - we could discuss them.

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