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RTF generator 2.5

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If you are planning to generate RTF files - you might want to consider the new script: Document Generator [RTF PDF].

Create RTF "on the fly" using PHP

RTF Generator lets you create your own RTF files on web-servers, without any applications except PHP. Using special mark-up language which is based on HTML, you will be able to describe all necessary formatting for your data. You will have total control over the final look of the RTF document, as the Generator supports almost all features you can find in MS Word when creating a document.

With this tool you will be able to generate customized contracts, agreements, bills of sales using client provided information or information from database. It can save huge amount of time on document preparation. The document is totally generated within a split second using the dynamic data.

The client does not need to know that a document has been generated "on the fly". If you are preparing any type of documentation for your clients, this script can automate the production of the documents. You can generate any kinds of reports from databases, or from any other source and the generated document will be uploaded to the client just after one mouse click.

Main Features

The Generator has a lot of useful features, and more than a half of them were added upon the requests of the script users. You can ask for some special feature and I'll try to insert it a soon as possible. Here is the list of some main Generator features:

The whole list of features and a lot of other information about using Generator can be found in the help file

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