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RTF generator 2.5

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When using the on-line demo of RTF Generator you'll be able to test all the features of the script, the only limitation is that you wouldn't be able to insert images greater than 30kb.

Warning! This script is NOT a HTML to RTF converter. The markup language used in the script is based on HTML but is no HTML itself. So if you will just insert some HTML - don't expect appropriate results.

* I've noticed that Opera encodes some important symbols when getting data from HTML forms - so, included example is best viewed by MS IE.

On-line demo

Enter your text, marked according to the rules of the script markup language or use the example given ...

Page orientation: portrait; landscape;
Character encoding:
Eastern European; ANSI;
Symbol; Hangul;
Johab; Greek;
Turkish; Vietnamese;
Hebrew; Baltic;
Russian; Thai;
Arabic; Arabic Traditional;
Shift Jis; Big5;

Additional information

To generate correct RTF file you should read the given rules carefully. The scripting language used to describe RTF is almost like HTML, but with some differences. You can mix text and tables as you like. You can use rowspan and colspan tags to receive complicated tables, but be careful - if you're trying to build an impossible table - the result will be unpredictable. In case not supported tags are inserted or tags are given in insufficient format - I cannot guarantee the result. Tags, which are not supported by Generator won't be removed from the text.

Generator doesn't aim at producing RTF from any HTML file - HTML standard was used only as a basic markup language, that's why using tags which are not supported by Generator can lead to script errors.

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