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XLS Generator

Create binary XLS "on the fly" using PHP

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XLS Generator Version 1.3.2 is released. Several bugs related to parsing complicated formula structures were fixed. All registered users can receive this updated version upon request.

Version 1.3 is released with full formulas support, also now you can use over 350 build in Excel functions. For more information refer to the documentation page.


XLS Generator is a PHP script, that makes it possible to create binary XLS files (used by MS Excel) using PHP only. Using this script you will be able to create spreadsheets on UNIX-based systems, or on Windows systems without any dependant on the software installed - the only thing that is required for the script to work - is PHP 4.x (or later) installed.

The script is using user-friendly input format, which is actually XML template. This template can be generated dynamically (like dynamic php web-pages) and then passed to the XLS Generator (or stored for future use) - and XSL Generator will convert this XML template into binary XLS file, which could be opened by any version of MS Excel (from Excel 95). This means that you will be able to convert data from database tables, user input or from any other sources into Excel spreadsheets, creating price-lists, reports, product listings etc.

XLS Generator has many features which will help you to make your generated spreadsheets look individual: font styles, border and color settings, background, foreground and border colors and styles, text orientation and in-cell alignment settings. Also you can use formulas and over 350 build in Excel functions.

Besides, you will be able to tune the printed look of the generated spreadsheet: paper size, page orientation, printed margins, header and footer which can include page numbers and other kind of technical information.

XLS Generator also provides many other features including the possibility to lock certain spreadsheets with a password.

Using the form below you can test the work of the XLS generator. Just create your XML template (or use the given one), insert it into the form and push the "Create" button.

Only mind that XML has certain rules:

  1. All templates must have <?xml version="1.0"?> at the very beginning.
  2. All element tags must be closed like this: <Workbook> </Workbook> or like this <Workbook />
  3. Attributes must always be quoted:
    <worksheet name="First Sheet"> </worksheet>
    <orientation landscape="1" />
  4. All elements must be properly nested:
    wrong: <row><cell> </row></cell>
    correct: <row><cell> </cell></row>
  5. Document can contain comments: <!-- some comment -->
  6. All colors can be only named:
    wrong: #FF0000
    correct: red
    all the available color names are listed here

 NOTE! If during generation you will get some "XML ... " error - this means that you made an error in your XML template (did not close some tag or something).

>> show the example template in a separate window
>> show used configuration file

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