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XLS Reader Class 1.2

Convert MS Excel files to HTML using pure PHP

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XLS Reader is a PHP class, that makes it possible to read binary XLS files (produced by MS Excel) using PHP only. This class does not require any additional PHP modules or COM objects and work an all operating systems without any dependences if MS Excel is installed or not.

With this script you will be able to easily present your reports, price lists etc. on your web sites without any additional programming. Also, you will be able to extract data from XLS tables and insert it into database (such as MySQL).

The script is able to convert XLS files created by MS Excel to HTML tables, preserving almost all formatting properties. This means that you can format the spreadsheet in Excel as you like it - using different font and cells formatting properties and the script will convert your XLS file into HTML as close as possible.

Currently the following formatting properties are supported by XLS Reader Class:

The Class is very simple to use, as it has its own built-in excel2html converter, whish allows you to convert either whole WorkBook (including all the WorkSheets) at once, or to get HTML code only for needed SpreadSheets.

On-Line Demonstration:

Select any XLS file and push "Read It!" button

Select output:

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